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What is Biowood?

Biowood is a WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) material made from 70% plantation forest wood and 30% additives and Plastic.

The 70% wood part of Biowood is from plantation grown wood. Sawmill waste is collected and turned into wood flour. It is then combined with virgin and/or recycled plastic resin, and blended with pigments to make pellets of more than 20 different colours. These pellets are then combined to make a range of products of various colours through a heated extrusion process. The elements and the way they are combined makes Biowood a very durable, stable, attractive, easy to use, recyclable building product.

Biowood can use for interior and exterior architectural decoration such as outdoor wall panelling, indoor wall panelling, ceiling panel, roofing, louver, flooring, decking, skirting and much more.

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